2014 CVCTE Conference on Central Valley Talk

State Center Consortium's Director, Lori Morton, spoke with Mike Scott on Central Valley Talk about the upcoming Central Valley Career Technical Education Conference on February 4th. Please watch and learn more about the conference! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LpI110Rbp8&feature=youtu.be

Who Is State Center Consortium?

The State Center Consortium and its partners want to give students the strongest base upon which to build their college and career lives. The Consortium partners are encouraging individuals to reach higher levels of academic excellence in order to equip themselves for success and competition in the future. To facilitate these activities the Consortium provides career awareness materials, curriculum integration training, resources for workplace learning, workshops and conferences.

What People Are Saying

It helped me understand the possible links between high school and community college programs.
It gave me an opportunity to get my welding critiqued, giving me the knowledge to improve my ability to TIG weld. I will be able to take what I have learned and pass it on to my students.

From the Blog

2013-2014 Job Shadowing →

In the past Job Shadowing was only available at certain times of the year. We have opened the 2013-2014 application process up to any time of the year so, this is a local Central Valley teacher's chance to get into Job Shadowing with business and industry.