How would you like to spend every day at Disneyland? Not as a tourist, but as an employee of the theme park, helping others have fun. The Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Pathway includes careers in lodging, travel services, eco-tourism, recreation, and event planning. This pathway appeals to students who enjoy working with people and are willing to acquire or already have excellent communication skills. With California being a popular vacation spot, career opportunities in this pathway are always plentiful.

Careers/Career Areas:

  • Recreation Leaders
  • Event/Wedding Planners
  • Theme Park Staff
  • Flight Attendants
  • Concert Promoters
  • Travel Company Owner/Managers
  • Club/Resort/Hotel Managers
  • Travel Agents
  • Cruise Ship Staff
  • Interpreters/Translators
  • Sports Officials

Programs of Study

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Hospitality Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Pathway